Immediate loans without payroll

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Loans without payroll are in high demand by unemployed , students, freelancers, entrepreneurs or simply people who have run out of payroll and are looking for a loan that can get them out of a punctual need.

At the time of starting this comparison, I did not expect to find so many options, but the truth is that there are many financial willing to leave us money without presenting a payroll or a guarantee . They simply ask us for our personal data and their system is responsible for analyzing our financial profile, to tell them if we can pay the loan.

Where to get immediate loans without payroll

 Where to get immediate loans without payroll The disadvantage of asking for money without presenting a payroll is that the financiers who offer it, in return ask us for a high interest rate, so we must take into account that aspect and compare the different options, to see who leaves it cheaper:

You only need:


  • Your ID or NIE
  • Be of legal age and reside in Spain.
  • A current account number
  • An email and a phone number.



  • You will not need to present a guarantee.
  • They have eliminated almost all the paperwork.
  • The loan management is very fast.
  • The request is made online.

Loans without payroll from Kredito24

They know that many clients do not have a job with a fixed income , so they have devised this loan so that anyone can request the money they need, without the obligation to submit their payroll. Your system is responsible for assessing the risks and assessing whether we can return the money.

  • You can request from € 75 to € 750.
  • Repayment period of 7 to 30 days.

EXAMPLE: for € 250 to 30 days, you will pay a fee of € 87 and you must return € 337

That good

They do not ask you to present your payroll, unemployment benefit, pension or guarantees. His idea is that anyone who needs it can access the credit, and for this they have released their mini-loan up to € 300 for new clients, and up to € 900 in 10 minutes if you have already returned a loan.

  • You can request from € 50 to € 900.
  • Return period of up to 30 days.

EXAMPLE: Loan instantly 250 € + Interest 74.25 € = 324.25 €


They understand that not everyone has a job and a payroll and that is why they have made available to their new clients, a loan of up to € 300 without interest. Once you have returned some loan you can request up to € 1,000, it is from that second loan when you will have to pay management fees and interest.

  • From € 50 to € 1,000 (€ 300 if it’s your first time).
  • No interest for new clients.

OFFER: Loan instantly 250 € without interest.


It is another of the financial that allows us to access online loans without payroll, especially for pensioners and unemployed who are receiving a benefit . Requesting it is as easy as accessing your website, selecting the amount you need, the period in which you want to return it, and filling out the form with our data:

  • From € 50 to € 500
  • To pay in up to 30 days.

EXAMPLE: Amount requested 250.00 + Fees 80.00 = Amount to be returned 330.00

Advantages and disadvantages

  • As you do not need to present practically any paperwork, all the management is accelerated and you can have the money much faster.
  • It does not matter if you are a worker, a pensioner or unemployed. To apply for the loan, most financial only ask you to have your residence in Spain and be of legal age.
  • The repayment of the loan is made on the agreed day by bank transfer. If you can not return it, there is the possibility of receiving deferments (with added cost).
  • This type of financial product has higher than average interests, so it is not advisable to ask for them very often.

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